EDC intro



     EDC started in our college February 2013 and the main purpose of the cell is to develop individuals across socio economic backgrounds with the courage to dream, the drive to make a difference, the ability in themselves and the perseverance to convert their thoughts into action. The cell plans to prepare a pool of next generation entrepreneurs to the economic and social development of our mother nation.

   Prosperity of a nation and society is measured by the entrepreneurial spirit of its people. All the time, entrepreneurship is an essential constituent of industrialization and economic development. Entrepreneurs are anticipated to play vital role in the process of expansion by introducing innovations and demonstrating leadership qualities in the dynamic situation. Entrepreneurship has been found as a low coat and long term strategy for ensuring supply of right kind of entrepreneurs in the economic to maintain the growth pulse. Educating and training people for developing industrial capabilities through positive training involvement will be the core strategy of the Entrepreneurship Development Cell.