S.No Programme Name Resource Person Date Targeted Audience

3rd International yoga day.

Mr.K.Sethuraman, Former Member, A.V.C Educational Institution


Staffs and UG students
Three Day Mediation Workshop
“Learn to Meditate”
Dr.J.S.Anandhan,MD., Ph.D, Ayurvedic and accupunture therapist

21.09.2016 to 23.09.2016

Second to final year Students from All UG departments

Stress Management and Healthy Life for Faculty Member

Manavalakai yogaMandram


Staffs Men/Women
4 Ist Internaternational Day Mr.N.Gnanasundar, Member Board of Management, A.V.C. College of Engineering


Staffs and UG students

Two Days Special Yoga Training

Mrs.Shanthi Kasinathan,

Yoga Trainer,Agarwal Vidyalaya,Chennai

30-09-14 & 01-10-2014

Staff and student Members
6 Pros and Cons of Women Health through Yoga Dr.Priyadarshini Bharath M.B.B.S.D.G.O,Women Health and Gynecologist 27-08-2014 PG Girls/Women Staff Members
7 Regular training Yoga Coordinator 11-08-2014 Staff- Men/Women
8 International Training cum Guest Lecture Prof.Dr.GEZHA Timchok,Board of Member European Union Yoga,

Republic of Slovika, Europe.

24-02-2014 Yoga Members
9 Meditation in Yoga Dr.S.Rajasimman, B.D.S,Dental Surgeon 31-01-2014 Yoga Members /2nd year UG and PG students
10 International Yoga Training Mr.Sandor,Ms.Gabriella

Bhudapest, Hungary

26-04-2013 Yoga members
11 Regular Training Yoga Coordinator 13-02-2013 MCA students /Staff members
12 International Training and Guest Lecture Mr.P.Thomas,Bhudapest,


25-09-2012 Yoga Members
13 Yoga Training and Guest Lecutre Dr.V.Natarajan Professor,Department of Yoga Education,

Annamalai University .

17-09-2012 Yoga Members
14 Yoga training Mrs.Shanthi Kasinathan ,Yoga Trainer,


15-05-2012 Yoga members
15 Regualr Training Yoga Coordinator 26-11-2011 Yoga Members/MCA Students
16 Training Programme Mr.S.Ganesan,Yoga Trainer,


26-10-2011 Yoga Members
17 Training Yoga Coordinator 12-03-2011 Girls (Yoga Members
18 Training Yoga Coordinator 11-03-2011 Boys(Yoga Members)
19 Mediation & training for the betterment of life Mrs.M. Shanthi Kasinathan,Yoga Trainer,


09-10-2010 Yoga Members
20 Basic Yoga & Meditation Mr.P.GopalakrishnanYoga traininer,


09-08-2010 All Heads/Yoga members
21 Yoga @ Lion Club of Mayiladuthurai Yoga Members with Coordinator


Mayiladuthurai Lions Club family members.