Society of Automotive Engineers India

SAE Collegiate club

To Continuously Enrich Knowledge Base of Practitioners in Mobility Industry and Institutions in the Service of Humanity.

  • To enhance the knowledge base of members who are mobility practitioners within India
  • To provide to its members access to SAE International programs and services globally enabling them to practice world class standard in productivity and quality
  • To develop technical and scientific reports and engineering standards for the benefit of mankind
  • To provide a forum for members to informally exchange views and ideas

SAEINDIA is a professional engineering society whose membership represents practically every engineering and scientific discipline. Its members combine their specialized abilities to further advance the research, development, design, manufacture and utilization of vehicles which operate on land, water, air and space.

By becoming a member of SAEINDIA, students become a part of a global organization whose benefits are geared specifically to the needs of the mobility engineering community. Students formal education and professional development will be enhanced through your SAEINDIA member benefits.

In our college through the SAE Collegiate club –A.V.C College of Engineering chapter, the following programs are conducted.
1. Seminar
2. Workshop
3. Guest Lecture
4. Symposium
5. Technical events
6. Technical Exhibitions
SAE Co-Ordinators
1. Mr. S.K. Ayyapan, AP/Mech
2. Mr. T. Karthikeyan, AP/Mech
Student Members
35 Members